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Avionics Support Group offers the Best US patented Electronic Flight Bag Mounting Solutions!

ASG Leads the Industry in EFB Mounting Solutions Certification!

ASG has STC’s for the following aircrafts: A319 A320 A321 L382 (C130) B737-NG B757 B767 B777 ERJ-145/-170/-190 MD-10/MD-11

History of ASG’s cfMount™ Constant Friction Mounts

The ASG Constant Friction Mounts (cfMount™) are the best in the aviation industry for EFB mounting solutions.  It was designed in 2003, and later installed in 2005 as part of the first commercially used Class 2 EFB on a Miami Air B737NG.

The cfMount™ was designed and Patented for use to install an EFB device onto an aircraft window frame structure. The window’s frame structure offers the most logical location based on the pilot’s viewing angle and because of its solid structure. Because not all aircraft window frameare the same, we’ve designed three (3) variances of our innovative cfMount™, to suit your aircraft’s window frame.

The swivel mount comprises of a mount member that has a top face and a bottom face. Portions of the plates are configured to engage portions of a mounting surface within the cockpit of an Aircraft. The mount is designed where frictional contact is constant with portions of the respective mount base and containment member. This allows freedom of movement without loosening or tightening the mount manually and allows the Pilot the best viewing angle.

Visibility was the key in positioning the Electronic Flight Bag Display in this location, this allows the Pilot to not have an obstructed view thru the window during taxiing, and any critical phase of flight. Due to the mount’s designed being constant friction the Pilot is able to change the viewing angle during Aircraft maneuvers due to glare on the display with one hand while keeping control of the Aircraft with the other hand. No levers, adjustment screws, or pressure switches are used to change the viewing angle of the EFB. An effortless one-handed movement is used at one of the corners of the EFB is all you need to change your viewing angle, making the cfMount™ the easiest to use for Aviation.

Why is a cfMount™ The Best Choice for Your EFB?

It is affordable, DO160 Tested, extremely low maintenance, versatile, proven. The cfMount™ has been actively in-service since 2005 on a commercially flown B737NG. Other factors are its simplistic design that allows the user to quickly adjust the EFB to suit their preferred viewing angle, using only one hand. Once in place just let go and you’re done, the cfMount will stay in-place until you move it again.




Benefits of ASG cfMount™:

  • Patented
  • Proven in service since 2005
  • Solid and Rugged design
  • Variety with EFB cradles available to fit specific your Aircraft
  • Reliable with little to no maintenance
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Single hand operation

ASG cfMount™ Features:

  • Low profile
  • 360⁰ Rotation
  • 20⁰ Tilt Angle
  • 2” (8.128cm) of FWD and AFT Adjustment (Slide cfMount™)
  • Single hand operation

Standard cfMount™

The most popular mount used on many of today’s single aisle and Regional aircraft models.  This model continues to lead the best of class for performance and reliability. Use in: Boeing B737, B757, Embraer (All Models), Bombardier (All Models), Lockheed L382.

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Wedge cfMount™

This mount was specifically designed for the Airbus A320 family of aircraft to accommodate the best viewing angle for the pilots while providing the necessary separation from the actual window. Airbus A319, A320, A321, A373, Boeing B737, B777 and Embraer (All Models).

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Slide cfMount™

This mount was designed to slide back and forth in order allow the pilot to slide the EFB back out of the way to safely access the egress window or slide it forward for optimum viewing position. A330, A340, B747, B767, B777

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