Visual Awareness Systems (VAS)

ASG Visual Awareness System

Our Systems Promote Safety & Security

The Visual Awareness Systems solutions provided by Avionics Support Group are some of the best in the industry.  With the ability to customize the system for camera, placement, and monitoring options, the safety and security of everyone on the aircraft is enhanced.

Visual Awareness System Options

Video Control Display Unit (VCDU)

The Video Control Display Unit (VCDU) provides display and control of all installed cameras and annunciation for the Crew Alert warning system. The VCDU is capable of monitoring up to six cameras. It has a built-in Crew Alert system allowing flight attendants to discretely notify the pilots of any incidents in progress. The VCDU is designed to mount in any standard Dzus panel.

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Integrated Camera Unit (ICU)

The Integrated Camera Unit (ICU) houses a 1/3” CCD sensor in an aluminum enclosure and is environmentally sealed to provide ruggedness as well as conforming to interior burn requirements. The ICU automatically switches from color to B&W image infrared mode in zero light conditions allowing for sustained normal viewing. The cameras can be mounted throughout the cabin or cargo compartment depending on system requirements.

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integrated camera unit