EFB Tablet Cradle for the Toughpad FZ ‐ G1

The Cradle – FZG1 is a ToughPad mount designed for use with the Panasonic Toughpad Model FZ‐G1. The Cradle holds the Tablet PC securely and safely in place, while allowing access to all the ports on the device.




PART NUMBER: 213014‐4

Capacity: Maximum display weight 6lbs/2.72155kg

RTCA DO160G: Section 7(B), 8(S)

Applicability: Panasonic Toughpad FZ‐G1

Mounting Details

  • Screws: P/N: MS2464S49 (4ea)
  • Nuts: P/N: MS21042‐3 (4ea)
  • Washers: P/N: MS21042‐3 (4ea)
  • Charger: See IPS‐FZG1 P/N: 213013‐3 Spec Sheet for more details
  • Dimensions: 7.75” (20 cm) L x 11.00” (28 cm) W x 1.00” (2.54 cm) D
  • Weight: 0.995lbs/451g ‐ All Metal Construction
  • Proven & Reliable
  • Quick Release Mechanism for easy mounting and removal of EFB
  • Rotation: Pre‐drilled for the cfMount™ and IPS
  • Designed to fit tightly around the EFB