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cfMount™ Constant Friction Mounts

The Constant Friction Mount (cfMount™) was specifically designed for EFB applications. The cfMount™ is capable of rotating 360° at 20° tilt angle, all with the ease of a single hand. The cfMount™ has been certified in various STC’s, has been FAA-PMA approved, and holds a U.S. Patent #8231081. Installed and operated since 2005 with proven results for ruggedness and reliability.

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EFB Cradles

The various EFB cradles were specifically designed for EFBs that are to be mounted on the cfMount™ which are installed onto the existing Aircraft structure. These cradles and variations of these cradles have been certified on various STCs, with an FAA-PMA approval, and proven to be very rugged and reliable. The cfMounts™ offers freedom of movement of the cradle without loosening or tightening the mount manually and allows the Pilot the best viewing angle.

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Integrated Power Supply (IPS)

The Integrated Power Supply (IPS) is constructed from aviation grade aluminum and houses high reliability DC-DC and EMI circuitry with current limit protection, short circuit protection, input under voltage lockout, soft start output and inhibit shutdown. The IPS is a 5-volt 3-amp power source and can be used as a standalone power supply.

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Trays & Other Parts

ASG’s custom designed trays for Avionics Equipment are engineering in accordance with customer specifications or requirements. We can also ship the trays terminated with integrated wire and coax cables, ready for installation. Please also view other parts offered by ASG on this page by clicking the link below.

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