Standard cfMount™

Standard cfMount™

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The Standard cfMount™ is a fixed mounted base for attaching your EFB to the aircraft. The Standard model is designed for use on all Boeing narrow body, some Regional and Corporate aircrafts. The mount provides maximum stability and reliability with eight (8) + years in operation. This makes the cfMount, the longest running mount in the industry. Our Constant Friction technology received a US Patent for its ability to keep its place in the most severe turbulence, while allowing you to adjust its position to your preferred viewing angle using one (1) hand.



PART NUMBER: 2579699‐1

Patent: US Patent No. 8231081

RTCA DO‐160G Tested to Section 7(B) and 8(S)

Capacity: Maximum display weight 6lbs/2.72155kg

FAA STC No. ST03165AT – Boeing B737‐600, ‐700, ‐800
FAA STC No. ST03133AT – Boeing B757‐200, ‐300
FAA STC No. ST03600AT – Lockheed L382G (Civilian C‐130)

  • Dimensions: 2.4” /6.1cm W x 2.0”/5.08cm L x 1.95”/ 4.953cm H ‐ Low Profile
  • Weight: 0.25 lbs/.11kg
  • Solid and Rugged Made of Aircraft¬ grade aluminum
  • Easy to install and Use
  • Rotation: 360º Rotation with 20º Tilt Angel
  • Pre‐Drilled Hole Pattern Accommodates All ASG Cradles & IPS