HF/SAT Audio Select Panel

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The Dual Channel HF/SAT Audio Select Panel is an integrated system that provides the flight crew with selection control of HF/SATCOM related audio calls. The HF/SAT Audio Select Panel provides an easy to use call selection and annunciator, for incoming HF or SATCOM Calls. HF/SAT Calls Audio are available via the Pilot and Co‐Pilot headphones.



PART NUMBER: 214184‐03 (BROWN); 214184‐05 (GRAY)

Provides a separate Annunciator Panel for the SATCOM CALL light/Selection

FAA STC ST04229AT (B737) & FAA STC ST04276AT (B757)

Applicability: All Boeing Aircraft

  • Weight: 1.2 lbs. (544g)
  • Backlight: 5V AC Dimmable
  • Power: 28V DC Switch/Annunciator Lighting Dimmable
  • HF/SAT Select 1: Illuminates HF 1 or SAT 1, White Respectively
  • HF/SAT Select 2: Illuminates HF 2 or SAT 2, White Respectively
  • SATCOM CALL 1: Solid Blue When Existing/Incoming Call on SAT 1
  • SATCOM CALL 2: Solid Blue When Existing/Incoming Call on SAT 2
  • Lightplate Colort: Brown (‐03) / Gray (‐05)
  • Connectors: J1 Mating: MS24266R14B15P6